blur1Homelessness. The answer is more than a meal.
When you feed homeless people in Atlanta’s parks, parking lots and other public places, you may fill an empty belly temporarily. But what about tomorrow?

Numerous Atlanta homelessness service providers are working every day to offer Atlanta’s homeless population something public feedings never will – a way off the street and a chance at a better life.

Partner for Hope is a collaborative initiative started by members of Atlanta’s faith-based and nonprofit community along with local government, business and residential leaders. Service providers participating in Partner for Hope are committed to reducing street homelessness by guiding those in need toward long-term solutions in addition to providing for their basic needs like food. Through this Partner for Hope website, those interested in assisting Atlanta’s homeless population can find a variety of volunteer and donation opportunities at organizations whose sole mission is to provide holistic care for those experiencing homelessness.

And they’d like you to join them in changing lives and helping to end homelessness.Home page image